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Ginagee creations is a reflection of my creative journey. This forever evolving array of hand-crafted pieces started from a very young time in my life where I was drawing, sewing and crocheting. The more I created, the more I was able to learn and grow as I explored new techniques and ancient crafts. I have not stuck to one particular idea or craft. I am constantly expanding and trying new things to make unique creations. Combined with a deep passion for mother earth, I also source as much sustainable, local, recycled, second-hand materials as I can, so I leave less impact on this precious land. It also allows me to bring a second life and a story into my handmade treasures.

My current work consists of macramé, crochet, crystal jewellery, fine line drawing, logo designs, sewing, leatherwork, and pyrography. I have found a deep love for teaching macramé and this will probably evolve into more types of crafts.

I am currently teaching at Coastal Yarn Traders, a modern yarn shop in Toronto NSW.

Coming into 2020, I plan to start group bookings for macramé for friends and parties in Newcastle, Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Please send through an email if interested in any of the above at any level of experience.

I want to reach my potential and I always put a lot on my plate. So, amongst all this I have bought an old Leyland bus. I am currently very busy converting this into a tiny home. You can follow the journey on my Instagram page. It will be no surprise to those who know me that this is going to be a larger expression of myself and a childhood dream come true.

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