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This piece named “ IRUKANDJI “ is the portal to creativity ….the passage way …the arched window the door way of what can evolve and explode out of you when your head and hands work together with uninterrupted flow and when you have no outcome in mind

When you just open the door and allow yourself to create and just see where it takes you and you are in complete flow

It’s been a while since I have played with macrame … I always throw myself at a craft and dive super deep into it and then I find something else and so and so on until I circulate back 🙃

I never know what I’m going to make when I’m doing macrame I have a rough plan on a desired shape but it always comes out completely different to what I had thought…

But I was supposed to be working on my next necklace collection when I made the velvet chords to this piece and started playing with the shapes and immediately had to stop wat I was doing and start this macrame piece!!! Because I got so excited about an idea ! And I did not want to interrupt the flow !


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